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We Improve Ourselves' Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in We Improve Ourselves' LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 5th, 2006
12:03 am
Daily Reflection
Did fairly well following the schedule today! I got right into it at 1:45, after I wrote it out, and got some good outlining done for an application essay on Final Fantasy VI's subtextual content. Got some cleaning done in the room; cracked open the book and studied for the GRE for an hour; used the CD ROM to study some more; Couldn't what I hadn't prepared and ran into some trouble at lunch--I ended up eating popcorn for lunch, peanut butter on celery for breakfast, a handful of granola at some point, a peanut butter and banana sandwhich for linner and then a cup and a half of whole-wheat pasta for dinner, right after coming home from the gym. Have to eat lighter after the gym next time, as I go at 7:30 in the evening. The only major snafu, aside from not being able to follow the morning schedule since it didn't exist until the afternoon, was that I got carried away writing music at 5:00 and ended up skipping dinner prep at 6:30, so now I have no food setup for tommorow, although I did soak some lentils. Hopefully I can fit in some cooking in the morning. Still, not a bad day; way better than I've been recently.
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
1:33 pm
X-posted Daily Routine
Daily Routine
Ah, so it has been a while. I've been neglecting this journal, to be sure, but I have an important update to make today. I'm going to be following the following schedule indefinately during free days, free days being days during which I don't have any day-consuming obligations, like extended visits or travel-landen errands. The schedule's purpouse is primarily the facilitation of more productive time use, with time set aside specifically for studying for the GREs; exercise; meeting musical composition obligations (a film score and a cover I promised to do, as well as a large, collaborative effort I'm directing); putting together applications for two different graduate programs, and that includes emailing professors for letters of recomendation, writing essays and other types of compositions for applications; cleaning; and, finally, optional time for misc. errands and non-graduate-school-oriented tasks. However, an important secondary purpouse is setting aside time to make sure I'm doing some avocational things I enjoy, rather than reloading the same six websites over and over again, things like watching X-play and Attack of the Show on G4; Watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central; playing one of the critically acclaimed videogames I bought and then never played, favoring the comforting repetition of Street Fighter or Soul Calibur instead; And, finally, checking my email accounts, forums and 'blogs in an orderly fasion, just once every day. Enough talk; let's get down to business!

8:00 - Wake up; warm up and eat bowl of oatmeal set aside in fridge from the night before for breakfast; walk half a block to YMCA to do one hour of cardio; shower
9:30 - Create music for the film score I agreed to compose.
11:30 - Eat lunch: bowl of lentil soup or veggie burger.
12:00 - Write to professors in pursuit of letters of recomendation.
1:00 - Write essays and other writings required for applications.
2:00 - Clean room; wash clothes; wash dishes
3:00 - Eat Linner: bowl of lentil soup or rice and dhal; put clothes in dryer
3:30 - Study for GRE from book.
4:30 - Study for GRE from CD ROM
5:30 - Seconday musical obligations, or film score again.
6:30 - Cook in preparation for next day's meals; eat dinner: whole-wheat pasta and red sauce, Nahn and Dhal or free food compliments of other residents in the house, so long as it is vegan and not fried.
7:30 - Walk to the YMCA again; meet up with trainer--a personal friend who isn't charging--and exercise anaerobically under his program; do one hour of cardio after trainer leaves.
10:00 - The Daily Show! Or, if it's a re-run, X-play.
10:30 - Online corespondance: check gmail; check OK Cupid; Check MySpace; Check forums; Check Livejournal; make short entry reflecting on the day's activities.
12:00 in bed. Recreational reading until sleep ensues.

The schedule is subject, hopefully, to change; that is to say, when tasks are complete, I will fill their time block with a new task. I may also make an alternate schedule for lighter days if this one starts to wear me out, so I can take occasional breaks to play some videogames and possibley more informataining television, and I may make another alternate for days that include unimportant errands that are not connected getting into graduate school.

Even one day on this schedule would let me achieve an amount of productivity that would be, in comparison to my current level, miraculous. Cross your fingers for me.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
2:37 pm
First Entry
So it has been some time since I started this journal. I've shaved my head and become a vegan! A small improvement, but a signifigant one nonetheless.
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